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Mixed River Pebbles

Mixed River Pebbles

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Add a variety of color to your landscape with Mixed River Pebbles. Great for use in planter beds, drainage areas, and ponds or water features. Ideal for residential or commercial projects, these beautiful pebbles require virtually no maintenance and are easy to install.

Available sizes: 

* 1-3"

Each bulk bag is 1.1 tons (2200lbs) which is equivalent to one yard and covers 110 sq. ft. with 2" depth.

Beach Pebbles Advantages:
* Adds curb appeal for traditional color schemes
* Attractive substitute to mulch
* Excellent for drainage
* Non-fading color

Areas to use Beach Pebbles:

* Driveway borders and planters
* Patio areas and pool borders
* Flower beds
* Garden designs
* Water features and ponds
* Walkways or pathways

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