Snow White Beach Pebbles for Landscaping

Snow White Beach Pebbles are beautiful white garden stones used in landscaping throughout much of Florida and tropical destinations. Each pebble is a unique product of nature, which is partly why they are so mesmerizing and special. These exotic looking decorative rocks have a smooth and cool surface, so they are often referred to as Mexican beach pebbles. White pebbles are found on beautiful beaches and rivers around the world including South America, the Caribbean, South-East Asia and Europe.

Landscaping Pebbles

White Beach Pebbles are primarily used for residential landscaping and in commercial landscape design. These smooth rocks are an excellent choice for gardens and bordering driveways. Throughout coastal regions of Florida in particular, beach pebbles have become a very popular choice for decorative landscape rock. The garden stones do well in hydrating the ground beneath them. The smooth, rounded surface of pebbles allows the water to roll right through the gaps and into the ground underneath.

Pebbles are a great alternative to replace mulch which requires seasonal or yearly replacement or renewal. Unlike mulch, stones will not break down or decompose over time, so they never have to be replaced. This makes them especially popular for gardening and landscape applications.

Landscape designers often use white garden stones around pools, decks and flag poles. Smooth rocks or pebbles create wonderful visual curb appeal for homes, condo buildings, hotels and more. These exotic rocks can be purchased in a variety of color shades, ranging from bright snow white to soft pearl white, tan and light gray. They are typically available into a few sizes, typically ranging 1-2” or 3-5″

Decorative Stones In Bulk

Because these stones have so many uses, the best way to purchase these decorative smooth stones is in bulk. Online retailers and home improvement stores throughout the country sell pebbles in small quantities. Landscape supply and garden centers in Florida also sell these stones for residential projects. Pebbles are great for preserving the life of your plants during the scorching summer months.

At Beach Pebbles Direct, you can purchase bulk pebbles and decorative stones for landscape and new construction projects. The stones are commonly featured in fountains, aquariums and other water features. These smooth rocks provide a beautiful ground covering and compliment many styles of landscape including Mediterranean, Tropical and Native. Due to these stone’s versatility, the potential uses are endless.

How do pebbles get formed? 

Beach pebbles are formed by the constant impact of waves and sand. This is the key reason the stones are so smooth and even. These landscaping stones come in a variety of sizes. They are often an oval shape, but they are always smooth without sharp corners or edges.

These beautiful landscaping pebbles are gathered from exotic beaches around the world. Their beautiful appearance and exotic nature promotes both practicality and visual enhancements. These stones make a statement. We source our products from various locations and offer them at the best prices, for more info on where beach pebbles are imported, visit our FAQ page.

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