How to use Beach Pebbles in your Landscaping

Florida homes have some of the most beautiful landscaping in the country! Waterfront homes incorporate elegant landscape designs with plants and decorative rocks. However, there are always trials and tribulations to landscaping in Florida. Depending on where you live, you may have to deal with extreme weather conditions, hot sun, bugs and other critters, and humidity. All of this affects how you design your home’s front and backyards. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring your dream lawn idea to life…  with a little planning, you can find materials that are beautiful and work well with the surrounding nature. Beach pebbles are a wildly popular landscaping accent! These unique stones make your home shine and your landscape ornate while remaining practical.

Create a Sumptuous Garden

Florida is a magical place for plant lovers – sunshine and warm weather means you can grow lush plant life easily. Create a genuinely standout garden with beach pebbles. You can use contrasting colors to make your plants pop, or create rocky pathways throughout your garden for an airy feel.

Not only can it clean up the look of the garden, but river rocks or pebbles can also help you save on water costs. Soil dries out quickly in the hot Florida sun, and those intense rays can destroy some root systems. Covering your garden in beautiful stones, pebbles, and boulders can help plants retain moisture and reduce erosion.

Beach pebbles will also protect your plants from being dug up by your pets or other critters that make their way into your yard. Plus, less exposed mulch and soil reduces the number of bugs. An overgrown yard lacks that contemporary, stylish feeling!

Unlike mulch which needs constant replacement, river rocks and pebbles last forever which reduces landscape maintenance and cost over time. If you’re proud of your garden, leave a lasting impression on your guests with a thriving, rocky garden.

Walkways & Pathways For Space and Utility

Use beach pebbles to create the perfect, unique walkway that speaks to your design and decor. Larger concrete slabs make the surface walkable. Placing pebbles and stones around those evokes feelings of natural earthiness as you walk through your space. A curved walkway covered with beach pebbles creates interest and gives your walkway an upscale twist. Pebbles come in calming colors like white, gray, black, and pink so you can contrast the colors in your landscape for a truly stunning homefront. 

Modern Pool Decks

If your pool area needs something new to bring out its glory, try using beach pebbles for a modern twist. Walk up to clear, glittering water with a layer of Mexican beach pebbles beneath your feet. The smooth stones will cover up any bald patches of lawn surrounding the pool for a cleaner feel. It’s a modern, relaxed, beachy look that will make your yard the envy of the block. Plus, leaving some space between your lawn or garden and pool will help minimize bugs, soil, and dirt that find their way into the water. 

Decorative Borders With Beach Pebbles

Installing borders between your deck, lawn, and garden using white or grey beach pebbles is a smart and striking way to spruce up your backyard. It’s a technique known as color-blocking – and it’s one of the simplest ways to create space and give your lawn an eye-catching flare. While many people use brown river rocks in landscaping their Florida homes,  beach pebbles add a sophisticated & modern style.

Lavish Decks and Seating Areas

Stones and pebbles can be used to create the dream deck you’ve always wanted. An elegant place where you can relax and the family can get together without sacrificing design. Smooth granite gives your deck a sleek look and makes it easy to place furniture and other decor so that your space is not only beautiful, it is also practical. Gravely areas utilize the space and give it color and texture without being overbearing. 

Create Custom Looks with Beach Pebbles

Beach pebbles can be used for just about anything, and you can bring your creative ideas to life with the experts at Beach Pebbles Direct. Call us at 904-685-9550 for the best selection of beach pebbles to create your dream landscape in Florida today!
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