Do you offer delivery service?

Yes! We offer fast statewide delivery in Florida. Outside of Florida? No problem we also have delivery nationwide to the lower 48 states.

Where do beach pebbles come from?

We source our beach pebbles (AKA smooth pebbles or beach rocks) from exotic beaches around the world, from the Caribbean, Central & South America,  Asia and beyond. They are formed naturally, tumbled by water over hundreds of years.

Do I need to put a weed barrier under the beach pebbles?

We recommend installing a heavy-duty landscape fabric barrier to prevent or reduce weeds in your landscape.

Are there cheap Mexican beach pebbles available?

Beach pebbles are harvested from beaches around the world, sorted for size and imported via ocean freight. This makes the cost of beach pebbles slightly higher than other types landscape rocks. We offer our beach pebbles in bulk for the best value for your project. See our products page.

What are the benefits of using beach pebbles?

  • Enhance the look of your landscape and increase curb appeal with Mexican Beach Pebbles.
  • Pebbles are a long-lasting ground cover so it’s a great way to replace your mulch forever!
  • Pebbles are an attractive and practical way to provide water drainage around your home.
  • Beach pebbles are smooth to walk or drive on. Add them around your pool or driveway!

How deep should my flower bed be?

We recommend a minimum average depth of 2 inches of pebbles. 

Are polished beach pebbles good for outdoor applications?

Polished pebbles are beautiful for indoor & outdoor projects, however we generally recommend using natural, unpolished pebbles for most full-sun landscape applications.  Over time, the coating on the polished pebbles can fade and look dull with constant exposure to the elements.